A new beginning for digital entertainment brands on the blockchain.

Our objectives

Kirana Games aims to create the ultimate gamefi play to earn entertainment hub. Harnessing the blockchain’s power, we want to give the power back to the user. That’s, what we believe, is the only true path forward for the industry.


GameFi is the ultimate evolution of modern gaming, but we have kept it simple for gamers so that they can concentrate on what they do best, play their games without worrying too much about blockchain integration and complicated tokenomics. Kirana Games will be there to make sure that the projects launched on the platform will be accessible and understandable for everyone.


Community building is a major goal at Kirana Games because entertainment brands are nothing without their communities. A strong, vocal community is the true path towards progress but the big companies tend to stray away or ignore the voices that matter. We intend to fix that.


Kirana Games has in-house web3 architects, marketers, artists, game studios, and gaming industry pioneers who are constantly brainstorming with financial economics and mathematics experts to build amazing projects with the right economy. The goal - truly rewarding play-to-earn experiences, that are also sustainable and uncompromising as we scale up.


We are not going to limit ourselves to specific genres or styles. Kirana Games will feature a wide variety of P2E game genres, including but not limited to - MMORPG, arcade, trading cards, FPS, action and etc.


Kirana Games gives you the ultimate ownership of your in-game assets through NFTs. Our marketplace is easily accessible and fair. That’s where you can trade your collections and also interact with the gaming economics.

our games


Schemes of Ink is an upcoming NFT play-to-earn trading card game where you own the cards you collect. Trade cards, build decks, and battle other players to earn cryptocurrency!


Mirror crystal is a MMORPG where the player can carry out missions, farm experience or equipment, or simply walk around the map in search of a companion of adventures.